Friday Haiku

Today, painted a bird,

painted apples too,

so much  color – nice!



2015 Thanksgiving Haiku

Children singing songs

Turkey, mashed potatoes, pie!

Loving joyful time.


Crack! The pool balls smack

Roll into the pocket – yes!

Yellow ball drops in.


Little one, you sing,

Dancing, gleefully your gaze

Meets ours, you smile.

Haiku for April 8 Napowrimo

Airwaves open now
Start the music, welcome all
I’ll read you my poems.

Days 4,5,6 poems

Sunny then cloudy
My heart shines when the sun shines
No leaves yet on trees.

Sunny windowsill,
Blossoms over green green leaves
Indoors, blooming, pink.

Softly comes the sun
Peeking out to greet my morn
Breakfast, coffee, friend.

30 Poems in 30 days

Catching up with it = starting today with 3 poems.

My JimDear the cat
by Janet Sellers

JimDear is lovely, wise and warm,
he teases me with all his charms;
He is a tabby but
He is not flabby.
He catches voles and eats them too,
But leaves the hind feet and guts- ewww;
He feels a sadness, warms my heart and
when we’re ready, then play will start
but wait!
Did you see the cat and me – asleep on Sundays – verily –
he teaches me to do all things calm
and puts his head beneath my palm
for a pat, and that’s that. Purrrrrrrrrzzzzzzz.

for April 2, 2013:
Dig, plant, small leaf stems
Pat, pat, caress the roots with earth
Grow soon, bloom, grow soon!

For April 1, 2013

Cold, freezing drizzle,
Where’s the prank I seek today
To laugh with my bro.

Message from the Dalai Lama via me: the Dahlia Momma

I could do this. I am gonna do this – today! How ’bout you? I don’t know if the Dalai Lama actually said this, but it sounds good to me:

“A PRACTICE FOR YOU: Wait for a day when you awaken in a fine mood, when you heart is open to the world. If such days are rare, choose the best you have. Before you start for work, set the clear in intention that during the morning you will look for the inner nobility of 3 people. Carry this intention in your heart as you speak or work with them. Notice how this perception affects your interactions with them, how it affects your own heart, how it affects your work…(from The Wise Heart). Eventually, you can try expanding your practice, adding more days, and more people. Go through each day as if you were the Dalai Lama under cover?

United States Slavery 2013

U.S. contemporary slavery:
Tax cuts and havens for big corps don’t serve our country or help the population, they enslave us; these tax cuts allow monies to pool and not circulate into and for the jobs and economy that powers our nation. While common Americans who want to work support the nation with their lives in military, daily work and services, these tax havens constrict flow and restrict a growing, flourishing nation.

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