The rest of my short, short novel: under 500 words, a novel idea for a short, short novel.

At dusk, Danny was almost finished, so we tried the pond liner in the hole and it fit. Danny settled the earth, laid his chosen stones around the pond, and we filled the pond with water from the hose.

We waited for days, then put in our fish and the water lilies. The first batch of fish lasted all summer, but died under the ice of winter. The lilies didn’t bloom for a few years, but when they did, they had 12 large, round leaves for each flower that bloomed.

The year the lilies first bloomed, we were away at the beach for weeks, and a wildfire had threatened our town to evacuate to safety. Our dog was safe at the kennel, but our neighbor had to trap our cats with albacore tuna in the crates to get ready to evacuate the area.

One day before we came home, the threat of leaving home had lifted, and all was safe, except for the clouds of ash that hung over the entire front range mountains in Colorado.

Our home and pets were safe from the torment of fire… the fish would never have been able to leave; alone in a pond of water, a forest fire might have taken their pondly chance at survival…

That is, until the masked predators came and took them all for sport.


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  1. sahara18
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 17:21:59

    Intriguing short novel 🙂
    Do visit my blog too. I have some my poetries in it.

    Good luck and best regards,


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