Poodles who stay in the Outfield = home run wins.

I train poodles to be service dogs for the disabled. I’ve trained border collies and bc/ blue heeler mixes, too. I noticed that the poodles take cues so differently that the bc, much more outcome focused. So as the outcome of a point, I tried just the arm/hand/finger point, but I see that the poodles look at the overall picture, think about the outcome for the command, and continue to study my body language. I relax all over, and my face, when they begin to do what I think I asked. I can call a ball a toy or a book, but the poodle will look at my face/eyes and get what I really want.

This is so helpful for a cognitive disability when the right word won’t come out for a command. I can ask without words, and my body asks my service dog all the time… he takes my ptsd cues before I know I have them going. Aside from classic basic obedience and public access, our “together”-ness is how he trained himself to help me.

The others of my current trainees (6 poodles) have the same learning style. The bc, nope. They are so headstrong that they prefer to fail on their idea before going along with mine. Needless to say, in a game of fetch, the little toy poodles have learned to stay in the outfield to win the ball and be on the home run.


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