The Concrete-Nature Experience

I sculpt with concrete and/ or acrylic units because they can be so true to an idea, and take any form imaginable. From lace-like curtains in acrylic units to monolithic masses, these mediums hold light and form like no other; they are purely visual songs of the moment with great strength and staying power.

In some artworks I combine two mediums of bright acrylic colors or tiles for surface interest. In all my artwork, I re-purpose and recycle materials throughout the art. I love this work of being an artist and making art, especially art for others to see.

Typically, my large (500′ long and smaller) murals, friezes and sculptures are installed in cities, where millions of viewers can see them everyday.

Viewers make a sort of connection and thereby an energetic response the lives in the art, too. That is where art has the most power: in the hearts and minds of the people who view it and take a second to put their attention with the art.

In a nature setting, by virtue of the human art experience, viewers engage in their rapport with the art, the gardens, and their imagination in the refreshing juxtaposition of the stony surfaces with delicate botanical energies.


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