30 Poems in 30 days

Catching up with it = starting today with 3 poems.

My JimDear the cat
by Janet Sellers

JimDear is lovely, wise and warm,
he teases me with all his charms;
He is a tabby but
He is not flabby.
He catches voles and eats them too,
But leaves the hind feet and guts- ewww;
He feels a sadness, warms my heart and
when we’re ready, then play will start
but wait!
Did you see the cat and me – asleep on Sundays – verily –
he teaches me to do all things calm
and puts his head beneath my palm
for a pat, and that’s that. Purrrrrrrrrzzzzzzz.

for April 2, 2013:
Dig, plant, small leaf stems
Pat, pat, caress the roots with earth
Grow soon, bloom, grow soon!

For April 1, 2013

Cold, freezing drizzle,
Where’s the prank I seek today
To laugh with my bro.


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